The Place in L.A. for Braces

There's certainly a lot to see and do in Southern California, although seeing an orthodontist about dental braces probably isn't high on your "must do" list, or that of your teen or their younger brother or sister. It's probably not even low on the old "might do" list. What about the "should do" list? Okay, it's not on a list at all, is it? It should be.

Braces have changed. Today, they sport a variety of fashionable colors and they are available in metal, gold, or ceramic. Additionally, with Invisalign®, adults and teens even have the unbelievable option of Invisible Braces. Of course, not everything about braces has changed; they still help you and your loved ones to look your best while living healthier lives. And, it doesn't get much more LA than that.

So, it's okay if you were born with less than perfect teeth, because when you really think about it, you're lucky – you're lucky to live in a time when braces are not that big of a deal; your lucky that you have options; your lucky that, today, there are adult braces as well as those Just For Kids; and, you're lucky to live in Los Angeles where the finest cosmetic orthodontic treatments anywhere in the world are readily available to you and your family.

Of course, with so many dentists and orthodontists, who's the best? Where's "the place in LA for braces?" The good news is, you've already found it. Must be fate. Anyway, go ahead and cross that off of the list, because now it's time to Meet your Orthodontist.

Dr. Arleen Azar-Mehr, is an experienced and exceptionally skilled Los Angeles orthodontist trained in all aspects of dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontic treatments, including braces. She is passionate about the art and science of moving teeth and realigning jaws, and can help you overcome an overbite, achieve a more beautiful facial balance and realize a healthier, more attractive smile. A third generation dentist, a graduate of the University of Southern California, and a member of the California Association of Orthodontics (CAO), Dr. Azar-Mehr is dedicated to offering affordable cosmetic orthodontic treatments so that everyone can enjoy the social, emotional, physical and economical benefits from a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

It all starts with your first visit, which is complimentary, by the way. Dr. Azar-Mehr will visually examine your teeth and offer you her initial, expert diagnosis. She will also take the time to answer any and all of your questions. Should you or your kids require braces, Dr. Azar-Mehr will discuss in detail your individual options, associated fees and payment plans. Sure, there's a lot to see and do in LA, but when you look and feel your best, you're the main attraction.

Braces aren't the end of the world; they're the beginning of a whole new smile. You don't have to be anxious about discomfort, self-conscious about huge metal bands in your mouth, or fearful about getting cavities when you seek the orthodontic expertise of Dr. Arleen Azar-Mehr serving Granada Hills, Reseda, Chatsworth, Porter Ranch, Northridge, Mission Hills, Woodland Hills, and Santa Clarita. Call for an appointment at (818) 886-6666 or contact us online today.