I have two daughters' that belong to this orthodontist office. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Azar-Mehr and her staff. Dr. Azar-Mehr has always been so pleasant and very helpful with any questions I may have. The girls in the office all have been very friendly and helpful. It has been a wonderful experience with everyone in the office. The office is very clean and nicely decorated. Dr. Azar-Mehr has sponsored my daughter's softball team for many years. I have recommended other friends to Dr. Azar-Mehr and they to have had a positive experience with Dr. Azar-Mehr & Team. My two girls really love how beautiful their teeth look and they can't stop smiling. Thanks for everything Dr. Azar-Mehr and Team!

- K. Alas

We're amazed by the beautiful results in our two grandchildren. Dr. Azar is not only an excellent orthodontist, she's a magician.

J. & S. DuBose

Having braces in my 20's wasn't what I had planned, but I was too chicken to get them in high school. I finally decided to go through with it, and it really was the best thing I could've done. Dr. Azar is the greatest orthodontist, and she has the best staff. They were all very professional, friendly, and supportive. I always told Dr. Azar that her office is my favorite Doctor's office to go to, and I sure do miss seeing all of them.

T. Deo

It took me 25 years to convince myself to listen to my friend's recommendation for correcting my teeth. I thought braces are for teenagers and I should not wear braces. Finally at the age of 56 I realized that I have waited long enough, I am not getting any younger and I will never be a teenager again BUT I still need to have healthy teeth, a good bite and a pleasant smile. Another challenge was to convince myself to let Arleen Azar-Mehr do my teeth and travel to Northridge from Malibu. Before long I found myself sitting with Dr. Arleen to discuss the procedure. She took her time to explain to me in details what I should expect in a most pleasant and truthful manner, the duration of the treatment and the cost. I must say that she kept her promise in all aspects. During the treatment I always received the best possible attention and service from Dr. Arleen and her team in the most pleasant dental office I have ever visited, and her charming assistants and technicians always kept me informed, pleased and comfortable. I felt at ease to call the office with all my questions and everyone was ready to help at all times in most pleasant manner. The excitement of my progress was shared in the dental office and I felt that everyone had an interest in the outcome of my treatment. My last day of treatment was an event in the office since all the team shared the happiness of having my braces removed. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Arleen Azar-Mehr's professionalism and attention to details and I highly recommend her.

Family and friends admire my new look and smile, I smile more and enjoy looking at my pictures.

M. Nabavi, MBA. Ph.D.

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